In memory of Wouter Nolet

Wouter Nolet 1987 – 2019 Our beloved Programme Coordinator Wouter Willem Eric Nolet, passed away in Leiden on the 23rd of November. Wouter contracted Lassa fever during an emergency surgery [...]

Wouter Nolet

1987 – 2019

Our beloved Programme Coordinator Wouter Willem Eric Nolet, passed away in Leiden on the
23rd of November. Wouter contracted Lassa fever during an emergency surgery where he
tried to save the life of a pregnant woman at the Masanga hospital in Sierra Leone.

We are very grateful for the time we were allowed to spend with Wouter. As our leader in
Sierra Leone he was highly appreciated by his team. We admired his knowledge,
professionalism and passion to improve access to surgical care in the country. The way he
was able to provide his patients the best possible treatment and his students thoughtful
guidance never stopped to impress us.

Wouter had a real gift of interacting with people, he was so humble and friendly, and always
appreciative of every small gesture. He was a really special person, bringing light and joy
wherever he went. His way of bringing people together allowed him to develop a close
network of friends, colleagues and partners in all corners of Sierra Leone and beyond.

The work of Wouter has been a source of encouragement to those that crossed his path and
we find comfort knowing that many people benefited from his efforts. Many lives have been
saved as a result of his work. It is so sad that one of our dearest colleagues has had to lay
down his life far too early. There are many things that are hard to understand in this life.

Wouter on his work in Masanga:

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  1. Dear Wouter, you were the example that actions speak louder than words. We’ll meet again someday. With love, Alexandra

  2. Although I saw him very briefly at a meeting in Freetown, Wouter’s smile–one that could light up a room— is a lasting memory. Our thoughts are with Wouter, his family, and friends at this time.

  3. Birgitte Nygaard Sommer

    It is with great grief and sorrow I send a condolance as Wouter has passed away. It is a great loss to everybody who know Wouter and all the People of Masanga Hospital who worked with him and the patients who he worked so hard for. In remembrance of Wouter

  4. Michael Momoh Kargbo

    A dearly beloved brother, friend and colleague in the health sector. You came to serve humanity and in the process of saving lives,you lost your soul.It sad to know you are gone so soon.Although your memories will forever lingers in our hearts,rest in peace brother.

  5. Laima A. K. Dumbuya

    It’s with heavy heart and in pain that type this few words of condolence. After meeting a pasonate and great personality who has always been devoted in saving lives, losing him at this time is really painful. May Allah have mercy on his gentle soul. My sympathy to the family of Dr. Wouter and may his soul rest in perfect peace.

  6. The last time met and talked, he was six days sick of an unknown disease not until he was evacuated to the Netherlands. I will miss you, the SACHOs and the STPs will miss you, sierra Leone will miss you, good bye Wouter.

  7. We appreciated him , he died for love of humanity, which made him special. He was a true hero as he changed lives of people and am sure a lot of other will follow his foot prints . May the Almighty Allah grant his soul peace. Amin

  8. It’s so hard to believe and hard to take! The sudden and shocking loss of a friend, brother and great professional left me lost for words! To the family I say take heart and stay strong! Only the heart that loves knows the sorrow of parting! To the deceased may Mother Earth tests gently upon you brother and RIPP!

  9. The message is a shock. It kept me breathless and paralyzed. It seems to be out of this world- unbelievable.
    Wouter was an example to all of us, healthworkers, students, CHOs, doctors and trainers because he really cared. He cared so much with all his love and compassion. He always fought for the better- in patient care as well as in training students. He believed in health care as a human right. He followed his vision to create a functioning health system in Sierra Leone through task-sharing. And he was right. He is right. Let us not give up. Let us follow his example. This will keep him alive in our daily routine.
    May his soul rest in eternal peace. All my concerns, thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and the ones who loved him.
    Dr. Katja Maschuw, Capa Care Trainer, Member of German Doctors Supervisory Board

  10. Francis Stephen Vandy

    Dr Wouter had always had a smile even when in difficult situation to handle students matters and administrative tasks. He was very cheerful whenever he is with his management staff and always congratulating students and SACHOs for the good work they are doing in saving lives of the sierra Leonean pregnant women.
    We the people of sierra Leone will never forget you and the good work you have done in this country especially in saving lives of our pregnant women, may his soul rest in perfect peace.
    Francis S. Vandy
    CapaCare HR /Admin

  11. Meeting with you in about just two months is like being with you from teen, cause you were not just a coordinator to us (STP October 2019), but also a brother and a mentor who we also wish to be with. You are gone but will never be forgotten as your hand works will be seen in Africa and Sierra Leone to be specific.

    I pray that our Creator and the most high God will forgive all your sins and grant you the most high place in heaven.

  12. Julius Justin Kaipumoh

    It’s a great loss to Capacare, To us students, Masanga and the people of this Nation. Dr.Wouter have your rest, RIP boss.

  13. David Joseph Allieu

    On behalf of management, staff and volunteers of Health For All Coalition -Sierra Leone, we extend our deepest condolences to Capacare, MOHS and the family of Mr wouter for a life well spent. The people of Massanga Hospital and Sierra Leone missed you for the valuable services you provided in terms of saving life’s. The HFAC and the nation will ever remain to appreciate service to vulnerable and disadvantage communities. David Joseph Allieu, Advocacy and Communication Officer, Health For All Coalition-Sierra Leone

  14. Though I did not know Wouter personally, knowledge of his caring, compassion, and work was wide. My deepest sympathies to his family in the Netherlands and friends in Sierra Leone. What a beautiful difference one man can make!

  15. Ooooo my God ! !
    Why now ?
    This is unbelievable.
    The man that introduced me to the world of surgery, incision academy even before joining this family.
    I and my family are presently in tears .
    RIP HERO. Gone but never be forgotten.
    May God grant you Janna.

  16. Thomas van den Akker

    Wouter, your passion and positive attitude will be remembered by me and many. You payed the highest price for reaching out. Thank you. Deepest condolences to those close to you.

  17. It is devastating, heartbreaking news to hear that Wouter has passed away. Wouter was a selfless, humble & beautiful person who dedicated his life to helping & training others. His energy, enthusiasm & passion for his work was infectious & inspiring. I feel lucky to have known him & hope that his great work in Sierra Leone will be continued. My thoughts & love are with his family & loved ones.xx

  18. Samuel Matthew Sankoh

    On behalf of the entire staff of capacare and the Masanga hospital management and staff, the environs we sympathize with the family of late Dr Wouter for loosing his life in serving humanity we will always remember you for your diligent service in our country and the world at large the Masanga and staff of capacare Missed his jokes and “aaaa boooo” and we will forever miss him May his soul rest in perfect peace til we meet again.

    Samuel Matthew Sankoh (SM)

    National Coordinator_Capacare.

  19. Wouter,

    Wat zullen we je opgewektheid, je zin voor avontuur en je passie voor je vak missen. Gijs en Mimosa vonden het altijd een feest als je bij ons in Freetown kwam logeren. En praten over de geplande tocht naar Tanzania was altijd een feest voor ons.

    We wensen je familie, geliefden en vrienden heel veel sterkte. En wensen jou een mooie laatste reis.

    Bob en Patricia

  20. Sadly we only met briefly but even in that time enough to see the engaging smile, the warmth, friendliness and inclusivity and the complete dedication to his patients. So tragic to go so young but so much achieved and so many people inspired in that time. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and colleagues.

  21. Netherlands Society for International Surgery

    A greatly respected International Health colleague has left us. So sad for many people.

    He will be missed.

    On behalf of the board of the NSIS,

    Eva Stortelder.

  22. Peter Robert Mboma

    The last time we met and discussed was the 31/11/2019 in Masanga at the party during the pig course, My questions were mainly based on our future and career pathway as surgical C.H.O in Sierra Leone and beyond. Nevertheless, you gave me some encouraging words to keep me strong in the programme and hope for success one day by saying “Peter, there is light at the end of the tunnel keep on pushing and do not give up.” But my questions are why did you gave up? And would i be fully happy when i see this light at the end of the tunnel without you being alive?
    However, Dr. Wourter, your broad smile speaks a lot. Bye bye and rest in peace till we meet again.

  23. It is sad when the person who gave you the best memories become a memory.
    Even when you are gone, you will still be in our hearts forever.
    Your services in this nation is worthy for our country. You are gone today because of you trying to save our poor people. It hard to leave your family and travel to another poor country. Only humanitarian people like you can do so.
    You impacted knowledge on medics on how to save life surgically and medically to save our people but today you are no more.
    Surgical students, surgical graduate, capacare Sierra Leone, Masanga staffs and Sierra Leonean are miss you Dr Wouter. We extend our condolences to the entire family.
    RIP Dr Wouter.

  24. Mohamed John Turay

    The death of Dr. Wouter Nolet is a great loss to the CapaCare Family. He will be remebered for his enthusiasm in building the capacity of the healthcare workers in Sierra Leone. Dr. Wouter was an all round person. We the managaement of CapaCare Sierra Leone will miss his administrative skills and his constant visit to the CapaCare Office. He always smiles to us even if in difficult moments. My condolences to the family may his soul Rest in peace till we meet again.

  25. Een klap en groot gemis voor de gezondheidszorg in Afrika en Nederland. Ongelooflijk dat dit gebeurd is en dat jouw inzet in de tropengeneeskunde je uiteindelijk fataal is geworden. Tropenarts Nederland en Netherlands Society for International Surgery zullen je niet vergeten.

  26. I met Wouter in Masanga in 2018 where I made an interview with him. He was a good man having great visions about the STP and he really made a difference, I was very impressed about his work and his dedication. A good man has died much to early, my deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

  27. Wouter´s death makes us speechless, very touched and sad.
    We got to know him as a very engaged, brave and mindful medical doctor for whom patient care was a priority.
    As he himself benefitted from a comprehensive medical training in Europe, he also wanted to forward his knowledge to less privileged medical staff in Sierra Leone. He did this on eye level and in a very appreciative attitude. He was very close to his trainees.
    German Doctors are especially thankful for all his support for the pediatric training. Even when we all found it hard to again and again approach the ministry of health, he did not stop knocking at doors asking for meetings and bringing relevant people together. Even when working on MOAs and budgets was sometimes exhausting, he never gave up. He was really working hard to achieve his goals.
    His death is a big loss for his family, his friends, for CapaCare, for Masanga Hospital and our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    May his soul rest in peace and may the goals he was focusing on come to reality.
    For the German Doctors Team in Bonn
    Lisa, Christine, Grace and Harald

  28. What an unspeakable loss for his loved ones. And what a terrible blow to the entire Masanga community. This young, energetic, highly talented and supremely motivated doctor has inspired so many, colleagues, staff and patients alike, with his professionalism and wonderful character. Dear Wouter, we all miss you so dearly. Let us remain inspired by you forever.

  29. I met Wouter in person in january and we had close contact and several meetings and talks this year in order to establish a pediatric training program for CHO`s. We shared the dream of not only teaching CHO`s in surgery, but also in pediatrics and to improve with it the health care in Sierra Leone. I really admired Wouter`s way of never giving up, always working very diplomatic and friendly, but trying to go ahead and always having the endpoint of a specialised training program at the horizon. His optimism, friendliness and insistency was always encouraging. I learned so much from Wouter in the setting of humanitarian work and task shifting and will always be grateful having met him.
    His death is an incredible loss and my thoughts are with the family and the collegues and friends.
    It will be very difficult without him, but for Wouter and the remembrance, we have to go on and complete what he has worked for and what he wanted to reach for the health care and the people in Sierra Leone.

    Dr. Gudrun Jäger, pediatrician with
    German Doctors and president of Swiss Doctors

  30. Words cant express how I feel losing a birthday mate, the love and concern you show me since you learnt that I was 1987 -11-19 was very special. You will always be in our mind and heart , for the very short time we meet we know the kind of caring person you are. Thank you for serving, we pray that you rest in peace.

  31. Death is a thief.
    Thank you for being you,thank you for your inspiration. I am grieving the loss of my colleague, my friend and my brother in battle.
    My condolences to his family and loved ones and all the power to the hardworking remaining staff in Masanga. Keep up the spirits and the good work.

  32. We only met briefly in Freetown but Wouter’s infectious smile and dedication were plain to see. Too young to leave us. My thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues. He will be sorely missed.

  33. Dr. Francis Lansana

    Sierra Leone benefited so much from your relentless effort to take health service delivery to the door step of the less privileged. The opportunity and empowerment of our CHOs that you fought for until your demise we will never forget. Gone to soon brother and may the good Lord grant you rest in Father Abraham’s bussome.

  34. It is unbelievable.
    I still see you coming into our hospital, so motivated to become a tropical doctor that even moving to Almelo was no problem. You wanted to learn everything and in the meantime a very close friendship was developed with collegaes .
    We kept in touch (of course )and recently you convinced your trainer to come to SL.
    And when he came back I saw the twinkling in his eye. You had shown him with your collegaes why tropical doctors should be trained.
    And then suddenly that terrible message.
    We hoped and prayed with all our heart.
    My deepest condolences for your family and friends.
    Clara Blaauw

  35. Dr. Wouter, have gone but your memory will be with me for a very long time. The love and dedication you had to see Surgical Training succeeds in Sierra Loene for which you have given your own life to save the life of our Sierra Leanean pregnant mother is the highest level of cercrifice one can give for mankind. Only God will Reward you. Rest in peace Wouter. It was your wish to do all you can to make sure CHOs have their Board and Liscines to practice Legally in this country. Only Allah Knows why. Myself, all our Surgical CHOs Sierra Leone Will Remember you.

  36. Global Surgery Amsterdam

    The news that our friend and highly regarded colleague in Global Health and Tropical Medicine passed away left us speechless and in tears. Wouter, we still had so many plans together. We will remember you as a wonderful and beautiful person and our thoughts are with your family and loved ones.

    Claire van Hövel tot Westerflier
    Thom Hendriks
    Zavira Heinze
    Louise de Haas
    Matthijs Botman
    Jurre van Kesteren

  37. Heart felt condolences to Dr wouter and family and the entire Dutch team.
    “I remember the last time we spoke was at the OPD,when you came and said kallon I’m not feeling to Good this afternoon ,please if you have any case to discuss contact Dr. Erik. And also remember the day you told me”kallon I’m sorry I’ll not be able to attend your wedding cos I’m on call that very day but good luck “
    It’s with heavy heart as I type these words.
    Thanks for the good job here at masanga.
    Continue to Rest In Peace!
    Your memories still remains!

  38. Words cannot describe the loss of of this inspiring, humble, incredibly motivated and kind person, whom
    I was lucky to call my colleague and friend. You will be greatly missed. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.

  39. The first day I met him, he made my day. He was such a wonderful person. May his soul continue to Rest in perfect peace.

  40. Ejatu van der Linden

    Hello families, friends and colleagues,
    Please accept my utmost and sincere sympathy for the loss of Wouter! This is a very painful, (devastating if you like) situation for all of us.
    Words cannot begin to express the pain I feel over this big loss.
    As a born Sierra Leonean, I can relate with the situation and know exactly what Wouter meant for us.
    May he rest in heavenly peace and may God Almighty strengthen us all through this difficult time.
    Stay strong!
    With love and always,

  41. Dear Wouter, I don’t know you in person, but being one of the tropical doctors, your story hit me hard. So sorry you were confronted with the hard vulnerability of this job, while you were doing so good work! All the strength for your family and friends!

  42. We all feel great sadness for loss of our dear friend and colleague, I got to know Wouter last year in Masanga and could feel his energy, passion to make a difference and love for every human being he met. Wouter was making such an instrumental difference in Sierra Leone, and his work will carry on through all the people he encountered along his journey.

    Wouter was living his life to the full, and what a beautiful soul he is, he even stayed with my parents and friends while cycling in UK, and everyone said what a lovely person he is. My condolences, love and prayers are with his family, I’ll miss you greatly my friend. Peace be with you.

  43. Knut Winther, NORAD

    I had the pleasure of meeting Wouter on a field trip to Capacare’s programme at Masanga in June 2019. He was such a positive person and dedicated to work for marginalized groups by improving the health care system in Sierra Leone. I still remember his smile, passion and humble way of dealing with people around him. The message of this great young man’s sudden death was heartbreaking. My thoughts go to his closest family and friends.

    Knut Winther

  44. Wouter´s own words made me think a lot the last days about the life in Sierra Leone and they made more sense to me than ever: “Here, I believe, the peaks are higher but also the downs are deeper”… It is actually very beautiful to see all the love he leaves behind. All my thoughts are with the family and with his girlfriend, wishing you all a lot of strenght to cope with such a terrible and sad moment.

  45. Duty called and you died whilst serving humanity. You will always be remembered!
    May your soul rest in perfect peace.

  46. it is no small thing Wouter came to Sierra Leone to do. The program is growing fast and he took on a job which two people working together had found tough. He was determined to progress things further, wanting change and working to address issues faced by STPs and SACHOs. In difficult circumstance, he did all he could to advance the cause. He really cared about doing the best job he could and took it badly on himself when things difficulties arose. When a very sick patient presented, it was Wouter and Hanna who stepped forward and took the case on themselves. That dedication and sense of duty led to his loss.
    There are many reports of his kindnesses. In his modesty, some went unnoticed by the wider audience, but were known and appreciated by those they touched. Wouter was looking forward to his travels and for him to be taken at this time when he would have so soon been back with his family and Monica is very cruel.
    Sierra Leone is a land of smiles. As we look at our photographs, we are reminded that this man surely had the widest, most open smile of all.
    Oh Wouter, you cheese loving, warm hearted, big smiling man you will be badly missed. Your legacy will continue in those you helped. Our thoughts go to those who knew and loved you the most. May you rest in peace.

  47. I am grateful for Woulter’s life and work in Sierra Leone. I will remember him for his kindness, determination and passion for strengthening the health care system here. I send my deepest sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues.
    From Suzanne Thomas, King’s Sierra Leone Partnership

  48. What a great and incredibly sad loss.

    Wouter was a great guy, a caring, compassionate and passionate (tropical medicine) doctor. It has been a privilege to have been able to teach you some basic (emergency) radiology skills, skills you subsequently put to great good in Sierra Leone. I will cherish the memories of my continuous losing streak on the squash court, being on call together and all the other fun things we did in Almelo.

    My heartfelt condoleances to your parents, family, friends and all other people who had the privilege to know you.

    May you rest in everlasting peace.


  49. We are still in Shock at the sudden Parting of such a Dedicated and Sincere Worker. We now question our safety as Front-line Health Personnel even more so now in most places in the World. Our worst enemy are these vicious nanoparticles (viruses) wrongly classified as Living organisms, that can easily and instantly be inactivated by Oxidation.
    Wouter, Your Parting should embolden us to continue with the Match Forward for the sake of All Mankind.
    My sympathy to your Family, friends and Colleagues. May Light Perpetual shine upon you and may God grant you Peace Eternally.
    Dr Kojo Carew

  50. Anne van der Breggen

    I did not know you well, but well enough to describe you as an enthusiastic, kind and charismatic person. An example for what I want to be like working abroad as a tropical doctor. We will continue what you started and we will never forget you.

    Lots of strength to all of your family and friends

  51. Wouter, thank you for your guidance and assistance with all our work from Leeds. Our study this November was only possible because of you. You set an incredible example for us to lead by, working hard to improve the lives of patients and your colleagues in Sierra Leone and beyond. It is truly tragic you leave us too soon. My thoughts are with your family and colleagues, and I hope they find comfort knowing how much of a hero you were.

  52. Unbelievable how your mission has ended so prematurely. I have not known you personally, but your commitment to the people of Sierra Leone and the right to health has been, and will be, inspiring to many (tropical) doctors. My deepest condolences to your family and loved ones to bear this tragic loss.

  53. Dear Wouter,
    We met on the ICU or Amphia Hospital in Breda. I was admired by your passion for Medicine and your kindness. During our residency to become International Health and Tropical Medicine Doctor, we had so much fun. I remember you volunteered in slaughtering a chicken on the T-week. Such a promising person you were. It’s incredible sad to lose you like this. You took life to the max and that’s what I will do from now on. You will be missed, dear Woutertje.
    Love, Anneloes (AIGT)

  54. Judith Pekelharing

    Such a passionate, enthusiastic, friendly colleague. You will be missed and you will be an inspiration.
    My deepest condolences to Wouters family and loved ones.

  55. Wouter, your loss is touching deeply the core of our strong intimate global health community. You will never be forgotten. I wish a lot of strength to his family and beloved ones.

  56. Dr Wouter has always got that special smile whenever he sees people. He was a man that always believes in what he stands for. His lost is a great loss to the country, to Masanga and to the world at large. Sleep and take your rest doc.

  57. Its hard to believe that you have gone..I can still remember the fruitful discussions we had regarding physiotherapy services for orthopaedic surgical cases in Masanga.
    You may be gone but still alive in the hearts and minds of many.
    RIP Dr Wouter Nolet.. Thank you for diligently serving humanity.. May Allah console your family.

  58. Dear Wouter, friends and family,
    What a terrible loss to everyone who got to know you, as an incredibly enthusiast, passionate person and professional. It feels very unreal and very unfair. I wish the family all the strength and support.

  59. So sad and shocking to the loss of a man who has contributed to improve on health Care in Sierra Leone through surgery in one of the remote areas in Sierra Leone. RIP Dr Wouter till we meet again.

  60. Michiel van Zeeland

    During the few times we met, Wouter impressed me as a very dedicated and energetic doctor and passionate teacher of the STP’s in Masanga. My thoughts are with him and the loved ones he leaves behind.

  61. Michiel van Zeeland

    During the few times we met, Wouter impressed me as a very dedicated and enthousiastic doctor and passionate teacher of the STP’s in Masanga. My thoughts are with him and the loved ones he leaves behind.

  62. When I heard he has been flown to Holland due to acute illness contacted from performing surgery on a pregnant woman that died of bleeding from body orifices, I sensed it was serious; but I was also hopeful he would make it in a hospital in a country that has advanced medical health care system; but got shocked and very heavily sorrowed to discover the news of his death. To date my heart and mind sob greatly for this young man that already started contributing immensely to saving lives and improving the Sierra Leone health system to be cut off so soon. He had and manifested love for and interest in the CHO and the SCHO status recognition and development in the country. We will continue to remember your great efforts and encourage your family members that you made a real memorable mark on many lives in Sierra Leone. May the Lord grant them a replacement and us a replacement of such a worthy person.

  63. We deeply regret the loss of a good man and doctor for your organization, for the poor of Sierra Leone, for his family and friends.

  64. Although I did not have the chance to get to know you better, I am still shocked by the unbelievable news of your death. It feels like you left a big hole in the “family” of tropical doctors. There are no words to describe this loss; So young, so soon, so unfair.
    The only consolation to me is that you died doing what you liked most and what you believed in most. You sacrificed your life for humanity, for a better world.
    My deepest condolences to your family and your loved ones. May we always remember and carry on the work you believed in.

  65. Maxime Ringringulu

    Dear Wouter,
    Your humbleness made all your greatness even bigger! A beautiful person, kind, intelligent doctor, an example of having passion and love for other people no matter who or where. I will never forget you, your footprints of your work and dedication will remain.
    With love, Maxime

  66. Zo verdrietig en zo onwerkelijk. Lieve Wouter, bedankt voor al je enthousiasme, inspiratie, de goede gesprekken en de lol die we samen gehad hebben. Je was een voorbeeld, als dokter en persoon. We zullen je missen.
    Ik wens je familie heel veel sterkte en kracht.
    Liefs, Olga

  67. Impressive message to an impressive person. My daughter Annet knew Wouter from the time they worked together in Breda. She works as a Medicine in Malawi now, but her thougts are in Siërra Leone. I’m proud of all the people who make choices like Wouter did. He tells us about the peaks and downs. I hope the unbelievable down of his death will be followed by the peaks of the achievements of all his colleges in entire Afrika.

  68. Jelle Stekelenburg

    So many members of the Working Party International Safe Motherhood and Reproductive Health knew Wouter well! Last weekend’s terrible news about his death came as a shock to all of us. Our deeply felt condoleances to the family and everybody who was close with him. So sad and dramatic to lose life after contracting an infection whilst trying to save life in OT during CS…

  69. I met Wouter for the first time 2 days before he got sick. Through a few hours of acquaintance, I met with a positive, honest, caring and generous person. A dedicated professional and a wise leader. The world has lost a Changemaker. My thoughts go to his closest family and friends.

  70. Susan Huider / KIT Amsterdam

    There are really so many things that are hard to understand in this life.
    The sad news that one of our KIT alumni and colleague in Global Health and Tropical Medicine has passed away, hit us hard at KIT Amsterdam.
    Wouter, you will be missed and our thoughts are with your family and loved ones.

  71. Our deepest sympathy and warmhearted condolences from Norad.
    Wouter made a change in the world and he made a great impression on my colleagues when they met him this spring.

    Wenche Fone, Director of Civil Society, Norad.

  72. Dear Wouter,

    Your loss is a shock for many people involved in the ‘Safe Motherhood’ community. How ironic that while trying to save a mother’s life, your Future on earth got to an end. Want to thank you for being an inspired and good person, with a wish to make it better for not only humans born in the Netherlands. I hope I can help a little bit to continue your passion on global (obstetric ) surgery. Send your parents, family and friends condoleances and wish them strength with the loss of a great beloved person.

  73. Dr Rebecca M Taylor

    Words cannot express my sadness. Wouter had passion for humanity and a good friend. I will miss our talks, your encouragement and inspiration to keep me going every time I feel I can’t. Thank you, if it was not for your kind words Infinity mind foundation would not have been a reality. I will miss your laughter to my bad Kiro and my love of drinking tea.
    May the comfort of God help those love ones left behind through this difficult time.

    Loving memories of today and always.


  74. Dear Wouter Regretfully, I only knew you as :”my future coordinator”. While reading all the memories of others, I am even more sorry we will never meet on earth. You have set the example, we have to fellow.

  75. Fernando Maldonado

    I/we are deeply touched by the news. We recall you as enthousiastic, determined, curious, optimistic, open, and above all, with a big heart. It is very sad to see you leaving us so early.

    My/our sincere condolences for Wouter’s family and closest friends

    Fernando (also on behalf of the NTC/MIH team at KIT)

  76. Foday Daddy Mansaray

    I will forever remember you Dr Wouter for your good smiles you gave me each time we met, your encouraging words and your strives to bring to success the surgical training program in Sierra Leone. Your lost is a big lost not only to your family but the entire surgical CHOs and Sierra Leone as a whole. May God grant you eternity, peace and forgiveness till we meet again on that beautiful shores. RIP DR WOUTER NOLET.
    From Foday Daddy Mansaray Surgical CHO.

  77. Words cannot describe how sorry I am for this loss.. During our training for MD Global Health and Tropical Medicine I always thought you were the perfect example of how a tropical doctor should be. Kind, passionate, caring and always eager to learn more. I enjoyed all the activities we did together with TROIE, “the family of tropical doctors”. Watching the video of you on this website reminds me why I started this field of work in the first place. Dear Wouter, you’re an inspiration to all of us. Thank you. Your big smile will never be forgotten..
    My heart goes out to your family and loved ones.

  78. My sincerest condolences to Wouter’s family and friends, although I never met him. He knew the risk, and that shows a courage and selflessness that are beyond my imagination. In a world betrayed by greed, selfishness and bigotry his life shines out as a beacon of hope to us all.

  79. We were sad to hear about the sad passing of our lovely friend Wouter, we had the great privilege of meeting him, he stayed with us, and we will always remember his lovely smile and gentle ways. Some people make such a massive difference to our world, and you certainly did. We hold your family in prayer and just know you should be very proud today of an exceptional and gifted young man. You were a bright star in our world.rst in peace xx

  80. Rest In Peace Dr. Wouter. Thank you for your selfless service to the people of Sierra Leone. We will never forget your sacrifice. May the Lord comfort your family and friends in this difficult time.

  81. Why oh why. So sad to loose a human who helps humans. My sincere condolences to the family and all dem who loves him.

  82. May your beautiful soul Rest In Peace

  83. If anyone had told us that we’ll be writing condolence messages rather than belated happy birthday wishes on your behalf this moment,we would have denied them from Earth to Heaven and beyond but here we are with our hearts as heavy as the Earth itself and our eyes drowning us with tears of the emotional burden of your sudden death. Knowing you for just a little while and even from our very first meeting,I knew you were set for a great course of making the world a better and stable place for everyone irrespective of their background or orientations. You were selfless! You were a fine gentleman! You were just more than a physician! You were a friend without borders to all! Only if death had waited a little longer so you could still been here to have continued with your life impacting works especially here in Sierra Leone. “If only wishes could build staircases,we will walk into Heaven and bring you back to us” We’ll continue to celebrate you great legacies whilst you continue to sleep in the comfort of our Lord. ADIEU DR WOUTER NOLET!!

  84. Marloes van Kasteren

    Dear Wouter,
    Touched and inspired by your enthusiasm; your great passion for Salone, the patients and your students; your open mind; your positive way of critical feedback always with the aim to improve things (we will continue your way!) and last but not least your catchy broad smile.
    Shocked by the terrible news that you passed away.
    My thoughts go out to your family and loved ones.

  85. Stephanie Van weert

    Rest in peace

  86. Gone but not forgotten. Your memory lives with us as a nation. Though your death came as a shock to us, you died like a hero in the fight for sierra leoneans. Rest in peace.

  87. annelies van der zon

    Sinds 2014 en door zoon Jurre op de hoogte van Masagna in Sierra Leone. Foto’s gezien, verhalen gehoord en vanuit Holland mee geleefd met de ebola-crisis.
    Wat er met Wouter is gebeurd is zo intens verdrietig. Voor zijn ouders, zijn vriendin, zijn familie en vrienden , het ziekenhuis en boven al voor Wouter zelf. Hij had nog een leven, waarin hij voor anderen van grote betekenis zou zijn geweest, voor zich.
    Abrupt afgebroken door een snelle ziekte. Niet te bevatten , niet eerlijk en eigenlijk niet mee te leven. Voor degenen die dat wel moeten…heel veel sterkte en kracht en troost toegewenst. Jullie zijn in mijn gedachten.

  88. It was on April the 7th, 2015, when we had the honour of interviewing Wouter for the Post-graduate Training in Global Health and Tropical Medicine. It was by no means a difficult choice: he impressed us with his friendly and polite demeanour, open-minded attitude, visionary enthusiasm, and striking smile. He has not ceased to impress us since – during his residencies both in the Netherlands as well as abroad, through his involvement with the training programme, and as an exemplary professional in Sierra Leone.

    It is with great sadness that we are forced to say goodbye to this very cherished colleague and friend. Our heartfelt condoleances are with everyone who knew him.

    Training Institute Global Health and Tropical Medicine (OIGT)

    José Hoppenbrouwer
    Barend Gerretsen
    Marit van Lenthe
    Jamilah Sherally

  89. Håvard Askim Adde

    Dear Wouter,
    we only met a couple of times. Still, the impression of a hardworking, dedicated, smiling person stands strong in my memory. A true inspiration and role model. My thoughts go to your family and close friends.

    On behalf of the CapaCare logbook team

  90. Wouter,
    “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”
    Nelson Mandela
    All the strength and love for family and friends!
    Love Charlotte en Emma

  91. A tribute to Wouter. What a tragedy for Masanga, Capacare, colleagues, students, family and friends. You will be remembered forever.

  92. Mijn tropenartsen hart huilt… Diepe buiging voor jou en alles wat je hebt gedaan om de wereld en de gezondheidszorg in Sierra Leone een stukje beter te maken. Al kende ik je niet persoonlijk, je bent en blijft een grote inspiratie voor velen. Veel sterkte voor alle vrienden en familie voor dit vreselijke gemis

  93. Het is moeilijk te bevatten hoe het leven hier in Sierra Leone verder gaat terwijl jou dit is overkomen, zo dicht bij ons in de buurt. Het raakt ons diep een collega te verliezen. Een afschuwelijke manier om gewaarschuwd te worden voor de gevaren in ons werk.

    Yele zal jou altijd herinneren als energieke, gepassioneerde en vrolijke collega, buurman en medemens.

    Anton, Daphne, Hella & Boris

  94. I am saddened by the loss of such spark.
    You infectious smile and light illuminated the darkness created by years of mental and systemic oppression and thus created a future of hope.
    Sierra Leone will miss your passion, friend.
    Twas a privilege to have met you.
    Till we meet again, adieu

  95. Eric en Joke Clemens-Haga

    Lieve Wouter
    Je hebt een steen verlegd op aarde maar het had een eindeloze weg moeten worden.
    We zijn diepgeraakt toen Christiaan ons op de hoogte bracht van dit vreselijke gebeuren en leven erg mee met de hele familie.
    We hopen dat ze een beetje troost en steun mogen vinden bij alle liefde en troostende woorden van iedereen die Wouter vreselijk zal gaan missen.
    Alle liefs, troost en sterkte!
    Eric en Joke Clemens-Haga
    Ouders van een heel verdrietige jaarclubvriend.

  96. I am still in shock and down. I can’t believe that u are gone so soon. A big loss to our nation! May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

  97. Dear Wouter,
    It is hard to comprehend that your life has ended so suddenly and long before it should have.
    We met last January when I was in Masanga for a surgical mission with a team of Doctors of the World. In those two weeks I got to know you as a very dedicated doctor, a passionate teacher and a warm and sincere person. Remembering you now, the image that keeps coming to my mind is you smiling your generous smile.
    My thoughts are with you, your family and loved ones, your colleagues, the STP’s, and all the other staff of Masanga Hospital.
    You have inspired us all and you will be dearly missed by all.

  98. Jan Christoph van Vlijmen

    I only met you once, a few weeks ago. Your positive and enthusiastic personality will stay in my mind. My thoughts are with your family and friends.
    Rest in peace, where ever you are.

  99. There are no words for the loss of our beloved, humble, passionate, kind and dear friend Wouter. We are grateful that we shared part of life together. He will be missed so much. Our sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones.

  100. Dear wouter, the medical world is gonna miss your kindness and love to help People. I still can’t believe it…

  101. My first encounter with Dr wouter was when I went to masanga on ultrasound course for a week, one year ago. He was a very polite gentle man , with unique quality ; seeing every individual as one with equal treatment and reception for all. One thing I always picture in my mind of him whenever I close my eyes ; is his broad smile . He will not only give order for things to work accordingly but he will be their himself to ensure that things are done correctly in the right way. You will be sadly missed by all Drs and the people of sierra Leone , RIP. Dr Till we meet again on that beautiful shores

  102. Dr your death makes us feel pain that words cannot express. Your demised is like a betrayal in the middle of a war, cause we have been taken into the start of a journey (Surgical training) and have been left in the wilderness with no place to lean. With tears we type and pray that only your good deeds you shall be paid for, and all your mistakes shall be forgiven in the name of the most high.
    Rest in peace as we continue to mourn your demised here in Masanga as new students in frustration.

  103. dear Wouter. life is not fair! you taught me to take a different view of healthcare in third world countries. education was your magic word. full of passion and dedication you went for it. always calm always with a big smile!
    I am proud to have been able to work with you. I hope your family and loved ones can also be proud of you, although we now feel intensely lost …

  104. While we only met briefly during a symposium, you left a lasting impression on me. Your death shocked me deeply. The work you did and the passion you had, are a great example to me and all the other tropical doctors (in training). I hope we are able to honour your life by following that example. An example of kindness, compassion and dedication. My deepest condolences to your family, friends and colleagues.

  105. Although I didn’t knew him well, it is unbelieveble and difficult to understand that Wouter passed away. I deeply regret the loss of his live. Deepest condolences to those close to Wouter.

  106. Thank you Wouter for the time you gave to us and so many others.
    Your love for Masanga inspired us so much during our month there; we left loving the community as much as he clearly did.
    So many people and places will be touched by this sad loss, but certainly Wouter will never be forgotten. Masanga and Sierra Leone will be forever grateful for his work and he will be missed and remembered for a long time to come.

    We wish all his family and friends well through this incredibly difficult time.

    Rachel and Jon
    Masanga UK Volunteers

  107. Rest in Peace my friend.
    Is was an honour, working with you, learning from you. I won’t forget the days in Mungra Hospital in Nickerie, Suriname.
    My thoughts are with your loved ones.
    Waka Bun….

  108. Lieve Wouter – dat je geliefd bent spreekt uit alle berichten die ik hoor, lees en voel. Wij kennen elkaar niet persoonlijk, maar wat een inspiratie ben je voor mij en vele andere tropenartsen (in opleiding). Een fantastische reis heb je gemaakt op aarde, waarbij je vele harten hebt veroverd. Helaas is je laatste reis veel te vroeg begonnen. Je bent een voorbeeld, een inspiratiebron en een groot gemis in de tropengeneeskunde – wij zullen ons best doen de weg die jij uitstippelde voort te zetten. Rust zacht Wouter.

    Voor allen die Wouter moeten missen, heel veel sterkte gewenst.

  109. Titti Brekken (Norad)

    I had the honor of meeting Wouter on a field trip to CapaCare’s program in Masanga June this year. His commitment, compassion and dedication for CapaCare’s work was truly inspiring. His smile will stand strong in my memory. He was a one of a kind. My thoughts goes to his closest family, friends, students and colleagues.

    Titti Brekken

  110. It was an enorm shock when I heard the terrible news! Still difficult to fathom.
    I had the pleasure of working with Wouter on the Midwifery ward in Amstelland hospital where he worked as a young tropical doctor gaining experience before pursuing
    this great adventure in Africa. He was enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about his work. A real loss to the medical world but he left a great legacy for us all.
    He gave the greatest sacrifice- his Life!
    My deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.
    “Gone too soon”
    Rest In Peace dear Wouter
    Gone but not forgotten!
    Diana James

  111. Martje van der Wilt

    How lucky I was to have you as a senior ‘buddy’. Always positive, always enthusiastic, always motivated to carry on. You were an example to all of us, which makes it even harder. The world has lost one of its greatest.
    Dear Wouter, you will be missed.

    My sincere condolences to your loved ones.

  112. Nana Aanderaa and Marit Svinndal

    We had the pleasure of getting to know you those 6 weeks we spent in Sierra Leone. Even though you had a full work load, you still made time to help us with our research project, arranged movie nights and made us laugh over the dinner table. Your smile was always the biggest! You always talked with great passion about your involvement in Sierra Leone and CapaCare.

    We only have good and kind memories of you, and you’re a true inspiration. We can only hope to be as humble and dedicated as you when we become doctors. We were very sad and shocked to hear about your passing. Our thoughts go out to your loved ones.

    Norwegian medical students
    Marit og Nana

  113. Emmanuel L. Rusats

    Rest in Peace Dear Wouter Nolet, your work will accompany you. Those that you saved will give your testimony and the Heaven is open to allow you In. It is the great People whose soul though leaves us but the memory remain with Us forever.

  114. Anne Marie Morales

    Dear Wouter,

    This is very sad news. I do not know you only that we both studied in KIT. Your memory will last a lifetime and you will remain an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your beautiful light to doctors like us who work in the humanitarian context. Heaven gained an angel from earth named Wouter Nolet. Rest in Peace !

  115. Ina en Evert Versluis

    Wij vernamen van het overlijden van Wouter. Onbegrijpelijk dat dit kwaad zulke goede mensen treft! Zo verdrietig dat een jong een veelbelovend mens slachtoffer werd.
    Wilt u onze condoleances aanvaarden en wilt u die ook overbrengen aan zijn partner, familie en aan het team en de gemeenschap in Masanga.
    Mogen u en zij troost vinden in zijn goede werk en de betekenis die hij heeft gehad voor zoveel zieke en minderbedeelde mensen.
    Familie Versluis (ouders van Marco en mede namens de Vredeskerkgemeente te Nijkerk).

  116. Wouter, you fought a good fight in ensuring that the world is safe. May your Soul Rest in Peace and light perpetual shine upon you.

  117. I was enormously shocked when I received the terrible news! Still difficult to fathom.
    I had the pleasure of working with Wouter on the Midwifery unit in Amstelland Hospital, Amstelveen where he worked as a young tropical doctor gaining experience before embarking on his great adventure in Africa.
    He was friendly,enthusiastic,dedicated and passionate about his work.
    A great loss to the medical world but he left a great legacy for us all.
    He gave the greatest sacrifice- his Life!
    My deepest condoleances to his family, friends and colleagues.
    “Gone too soon “
    Rest in Peace dear Wouter.
    Gone but not forgotten!

  118. This is a big loss to the whole world.May the lord Rest His Soul In Eternal Peace.

  119. May your soul rest in peace. You’re one of the brave and big heart person. Our KIT hero, Wouter.

  120. Geerte den Hollander

    Lieve Wouter, je overlijden blijft nog steeds onwerkelijk voelen. Ik kan er niet bij hoe je een paar weken geleden nog trots met me sprak over ‘jouw’ studenten, vol met plannen en enthousiasme om Sierra Leone sterker en mooier te maken. Het gat wat je achterlaat is enorm, maar ik weet zeker dat jouw voorbeeld als energievolle toegewijde tropenarts nog lang hier in Sierra Leone door zal klinken. We gaan je missen.

  121. I still can’t believe it my dream builder. You always give me hope even when I think my feture blind. Your soul will ever continue to enjoy the everlasting peace. Inshalla.

  122. Lieve Wouter. Nog steeds kan ik het niet bevatten als ik de vele foto’s en filmpjes van jou die voorbij komen bekijk. Ik weet nog goed dat ik je leerde kennen tijdens het ‘tropen weekend’ 2017 op de Dwingeloose heide. Tussen de Afrikaanse hitjes door vertelde je me over Consult Online, waar we vervolgens samen aan hebben mogen werken, tot jij je avontuur in Sierra Leone begon (in een Saab!) en ik het stokje van je overnam binnen de ‘TROIE familie’. Je positiviteit, enthousiasme en open karakter hebben mij (net als veel anderen) geinspireerd, en zullen blijven inspireren. Ik wens je familie, vriendin en vele vrienden heel veel sterkte toe de komende tijd.

  123. Always enthousiastic and with an enormous smile. You could clearly see your passion in your work but also in life. For me a great example as tropical doctor and as human being. Always in frontline to make the world a little bit better. Words can not describe this loss.
    Dear Wouter. fantastic person, beloved friend, we will miss you forever.
    My sincere condolences to your loved ones.

  124. Dear Wouter,

    You will be remembered for giving your life in the line of duty. The interview with you on this website moved me. I wish we had met. Thank you for the support you gave our son Jonathan and his friend Hanna, and for all you meant to them.

  125. Wouter,

    You were an excellent clinician, enthusiastic educator, and did incredible work for Sierra Leone. It is absolute shock and devastating to hear that you have passed away. In November 2018 I was in Masanga to help train medical officers and community health officers in ultrasound. Your leadership and guidance in this task was essential. Your strength of character shone through in the concern you had for the patients, trainees, and for the healthcare of all in Sierra Leone. You dedicated all you could to improve the provision and quality of healthcare across Sierra Leone. But it was not just your professionalism at work, but your kindness throughout which made an impact. Friendly with a warm smile, you welcomed us visiting trainers into your home and life in Sierra Leone, with movie nights, bring and share suppers, cheese, and even the beach! Losing you is a tragic loss, but your work in Sierra Leone will have a lasting impact. My thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones and family.


  126. Brigitte Augustijn

    Wat een verschrikkelijk en heftig nieuws, niet te bevatten. Ik kende je niet persoonlijk, maar als een van je collega tropenartsen raakt dit me diep. Wat een bijzondere mooie verhalen heb ik over je gehoord en over alles wat je hebt opgezet in Sierra Leone. Ik wens de familie, vrienden en iedereen die zo dicht bij hem stond en met hem heeft mogen samenwerken heel veel sterkte met dit enorme verlies.

  127. I am personally very sad to hear about the death of dr. Wouter on his work saving lives in Sierra leone.
    I would like to send my condolences to the family and friends of dr. Wouter. My other message is from my family in Sierra Leone who have contacted me in Denmark to pass their grief to dr. Wouter’s family. Also from friends in Sierra Leone who want to send their condolences too.
    As an executive member of Masanga DK I will like express the sorrow and gratitude from the people in Sierra Leone. I also have contact with the people in Masanga. They are in chock and are mourning dr. Wouter.
    Dr Wouter was in Sierra Leone saving lives and curing sick people – everyone appreciated his work.
    May he rest in peace.

  128. Dear Wouter, Life is not fair!
    You changed my vieuw of healtcare in developing coutries, education was the magic word for you .Always relaxed and perseverance with a big smile on your face! I am proud to have been able to work with you. I hope your loved ones can feel that pride too.
    Now we only feel intese sadness….

  129. Rodney Grant Asante

    No amount of words can overcome the devastating loss of arguably one of the most caring, honest, enthusiastic, determined and dedicated person I was lucky enough to have met. I’m absolutely shocked and devastated by your loss and I can’t stop asking myself and the rest of the world why you of all people??? Your sheer willingness to help others in need set you well apart from others who spoke a lot but did very little. While your passing is a crucial blow to all who knew you, your legacy will live on forever. I will deeply miss you as I’ll no longer have the opportunity to engage in our chit-chat about Sierra Leone whenever we meet as well as a whole lots of topics as always.Thanks ever so much for all that you did for mankind. You were and will remain a true hero in my opinion and I’m sure I speak for all who came across you and were fortunate enough to have a conversation with you. My sincere condolences to your family, loved ones and friends. Rest in peace my dear friend.

  130. Saskia Spoor & Friso Spoor

    Dear Wouter, The world is big, beautiful in unexpected places but also very unfair. You knew this more than others, but this hits hard, it’s not fair. Our sincere condoleces to your family and loved ones.

  131. On behalf of all Sierra Leoneans in The Nederlands, i want to express our sympathy to the family , friends, loved ones and colleagues of Wouter Nolet. You gave your life serving humanity. We pray that your perfect soul will rest in perfect peace. You will never be forgotten .

    Jij hebt je leven gegeven om de wereld gezonder te maken, we zullen je altijd in onze harten herdenken. Tranen in onze ogen als wij aan jou denken.

    Rust zacht bijzondere Wouter,
    Andrea Taylor

  132. Wouter, hoe kon dit zo uit de hand lopen?! Het nieuws op nationale radio… het sloeg in als een bom…
    Ik heb je een aantal keren ontmoet en verder altijd veel positieve verhalen over je gehoord en gelezen… Als tropenartsen zijn we over de hele wereld met elkaar verbonden en het is bijzonder om te zien hoe dit iedereen heel diep raakt.
    Ontzettend veel sterkte gewenst voor iedereen die jou lief heeft.

  133. Lieve Wouter,
    Het is onvoorstelbaar dat je er niet meer bent. Dankjewel voor de mooie herinneringen die we samen maakten onder andere tijdens ons werk voor het kindergeneeskunde trainings programma in Sierra Leone. Jouw sprankelende enthousiasme en gedrevenheid zorgde ervoor dat wij de hoop niet verloren. We gaan door met jouw passie en droom: goede gezondheidszorg beschikbaar maken voor iedereen door middel van training in Sierra Leone. Ik zal je vrolijke glimlach missen. Heel veel sterkte gewenst aan je familie, vriendin en vrienden.

  134. You inspired me with your genuine interest in every single person you met. You had this rare way of listening sincerely, with full attention, one of the best features a doctor can have. You spoke with a calm voice and a smile on your face.
    With great sorrow I realize you left your life and your life’s work unfinished. The work we were trained for as global health doctors. I cannot comprehend what this means to those closest to you. We worked intensively together during the 3 months NTC course. When we said goodbye the evening after these amazing, fun months, and the evening before you left to Sierra Leone, the plan was that I would see you again in a couple of years to hear all about SL, and your future plans.
    Dear Wouter, we will continue your work in all parts of the world. May you have a beautiful last journey. My sincerest condolences to all your loved ones.
    Rest in peace.

  135. Lieve Wouter,
    Ik leerde je kennen toen je in 2016 voor één jaar bij ons in het Amstelland kwam werken als tropenarts in opleiding.
    Je leerde snel en na een inwerkperiode, ging je al snel zelfstandig alle diensten draaien.
    Ik herinner je als een bevlogen lieve dokter.
    Altijd gedreven begeleide je zwangere vrouwen die bij ons bevielen.
    Tijdens ons afscheidsetentje 14 juni 2017 met het hele team, vertelde je met passie dat je in Afrika als tropenarts ging werken.
    Zo mooi, hulp bieden aan mensen die dat hard nodig hebben.
    Dat heb je gedaan, maar helaas veel te kort.
    Dit maakt me erg verdrietig.
    Een enorm gemis.
    Mijn condoleance voor je familie, vrienden en collega’s
    Rust in peace, lieve Wouter.
    We meet again.
    Saskia Sandberg

  136. words cannot describe this tragedy and my thoughts go to your loved ones who have suffered an incomprehensible loss. But also to the many, many people who’s life you touched with your words and actions. You are a true inspiration to all of us and your light will shine for us in dark times

  137. Wouter was een bron van positieve energie hier in Sierra Leone! Hij genoot echt van het leven, van het lesgeven, van het zorgen voor de ander. We zaten vaak aan het strand, discussseren over hoe de zorg beter moet, hoe het land vooruit moet. ‘We nemen misschien de taken van de overheid soms te veel over, maar zonder NGO’s zou het hier zo weer oorlog zijn.’ Samen vochten we voor de vooruitgang!
    Veel te vroeg verlaat je ons. Wouter we missen je!

  138. I have never met you but my sister was in Sierra Leone and spoke of your servitude and kindness for those in need. It upset me so much to hear of this and I had to make a comment. No words can comfort you but may his work live on and may God remember him always for the sacrifice and kindness he showed others. My sympathy and sadness for your family. With love always
    Seattle, WA

  139. Wouter
    Thank you for everything you gave at Masanga Hospital!
    Thank you for your kindness, your smile, your care!
    A great man has gone.
    My deepest condolences to Wouters family!
    Support eachother during the sorrow. Do never give up living!

    Untitled Hymn
    Weak and wounded sinner
    Lost and left to die
    O, raise your head, for love is passing by
    Come to Jesus
    Come to Jesus
    Come to Jesus and live! (Song by Chris Rice)

  140. On behalf of the entire board of SANO I want to express our warm-hearted feelings and condolences to the family of Wouter. We hope the tragic loss of such a wonderful and talented man may be comforted with the thought that he truly made the world a better place. May his soul Rest In Peace.

  141. Dat je op zoveel mensen zo een indruk hebt gemaakt met je ontwapende manier van doen maakt het extra hard om het nieuws te bevatten. Ik neem je enthousiasme om ergens betekenis aan te geven mee. Voor alle betrokkenen: een enorme berg kracht gewenst. – Wies –

  142. Dear Wouter,
    Masanga is a special place and would have been more special still with you there. It is clear what an impact you had on people and patients. I will remember your smile trying to catch the waves on Bureh beach. Your work lives on.

  143. Wouter, you are and always will be such a positive inspiration for me and hundreds of others who were lucky enough to witness your ministry. To me you are a perfect example of the rare phenomenon of veritable and authentic altruism. Thank you for everything you have done. You- and what you stood up for- will not be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with you and those who love you.

  144. Anuttarasakdi Ratchatatat

    His story will never be faded from Global Health doctor’s spirit. By his encouraging action, there will be a lot to follow. May his soul rest in eternal peace. With deep condolence.

  145. Lieve Wouter, familie, vrienden, collega’s,
    Wij hebben Wouter maar één keer mogen ontmoeten, maar we voelen en begrijpen de pijn van iedereen die deze bijzondere jongen een warm hart toedraagt.
    De verslagenheid is enorm, het verlies kan niemand goedmaken. Misschien kunnen we proberen iets van Wouter mee te nemen in ons leven, zodat hij niet voor niets gestorven is.
    Iedereen veel kracht en sterkte gewenst met dit grote verlies.

  146. Why, why, wat een schok om te lezen wat er is gebeurd tijdens het uitvoeren van je werk. Ik heb een jaar in het ziekenhuis Amstelland met je samen mogen werken. En ik koester de herinneringen, luisterend, enthousiast, belangstellend, humor kortom een pracht mens heeft ons veel te vroeg verlaten. Sterkte en kracht toegewenst voor allen die zoveel van Wouter hielden. Jannie.

  147. Wouters death sounds unbelievable. His death is a big loss for the entire Masanga community.
    I feel lucky to had the change in working together with Wouter both in Masanga and ZGT Almelo.
    He has inspired so many health carers and patients with his professional and social skills. This all with allways a broad smile, even when it became difficult.
    Dear Wouter we all miss you.
    My condoleance to his family and loved ones.

  148. Lisette van Lieshout

    Dear family and loved ones of Wouter,
    My deepest condolences. I spent only one single day with Wouter, teaching him about parasites during his training to become a specialist in international health at the KIT-NTC in Amsterdam. He was an outstanding student. He impressed me by his brightness and kindness, his eagerness to learn and to explore, even when the topic I taught was not his main subject. And with all this, a most amiable character. He will be hugely missed.

  149. Colinda van den Brink

    What a terrible news! I didn’t know you personally, but as a fellow tropical doctor this news hit me hard. Thank you for all your passionate hard work and the impact you have had in many lives! My deepest condolences to your family and all your loved ones.

  150. My sincere condolences for all who worked with Wouter and for his family and friends. I worked as a tropical doctor in Ghana West Africa from 83-87. There were illnesses but nobody from our staff from Holland died at that time.
    I hope that the workers in the hospital (in my opinion they loos most) will not loose their motivation to work and to help patients.
    We have only one world and we must fight to keep it safe and healthy so that untimely deaths are prevented.

  151. Still hard to fathom and deeply unfair. An immense loss to all that loved him and the (inter)national healthcare system. I send them my thoughts in these dark days and my sincere condolences. I shouldn’t have met Wouter, but yet we did, and even then he left a great impression. Such an altruistic and good person! Marijn, AIOS inwendige geneeskunde Amsterdam UMC

  152. Kelfala B.B.Kamara

    To the family members, there is a God who understands your grief. The Bible tells us that the pain of death is caused by a world full of sin. God loves us so much that He created a way to overcome death. It was not easy. It cost God His one and only Son, Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Dr. Wouter has died for us all at MHRP. He happen to be the first doctor to die in active service at MHRP. Rest in peace Dr. Wouter

  153. Victoria Isatu Kamara

    My deepest and sincere condolences goes to the bereaved family of Dr. Wouter and the entire staff and management of MHRP and Capa Care SL. May God console us all. RIP our HERO Dr. Wouter Nolet. We miss you so dearly

  154. Kelfala B.B.Kamara

    To family member, there is a God who understands our grief. The Bible tells us that the pain of death is caused by a world full of sin. God loves us so much that He created a way to overcome death. It was not easy. It cost God His one and only Son, Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. Dr. Wouter has died for us all at MHRP. He happen to be the first doctor to die in active service at MHRP. Rest in peace Dr. Wouter

  155. My dearest Wouter!
    I still can´t find words to express the feelings your departure has left in my heart…
    But I can definitely talk for days about the great moments, amazing experiences, big life lessons, role modelling examples you have left us. Since the first day I met you, in the farewell of Daniel (Capacare previous director) and he introduced us, we connected immediately and started planning the next level of commitment in this country about training sub-especialized CHOs. I got disarmed with your charm, your motivation, your strength, your humble way of talking and approaching the next steps to take together to make Sierra leone Clinical training program. Since then, we made a commitment together (with out respective organisations) and other colleagues in continuing fighting for a better Health Care System in Sierra Leone. You were the engine of the change, of the improvement…completely indestructible and full of stamina! You moved all of us with your leadership and strength.
    I have found very small number of people in all my life with such amazing capacity of putting people together to make plans and move forwards!
    We will miss you…I personally will miss you!
    But I can promise that we will continue the work you started and you will realise how strong was the legacy you left, we will make you proud!
    From wherever you are right now (A beautiful place as you deserved to be), I hope you can continue guiding and protecting us.
    Thank you Wouter!

  156. Clever and charismatic, yet compassionate and caring. Wouter made an impresssion as a hardworking man who still had eye for individuals around him. My thoughts are with the family. You have my deepest condolences.

  157. On behalf of Resurge Africa Scotland I would like to express our sadness and sincere condolences to Wouter’s family and to the Masanga family, and also our real appreciation for his life. Wouter touched so many lives and made a real difference to the entire healthcare community. A short life, but a great legacy to continue in Sierra Leone. He will be missed.
    We are thinking of you.

  158. Dear Wouter,
    Deeply shocked I was by the terrible news of your passing away; I still am!
    It was an honour meeting you. You became for many of us an inspiring and loving
    person, while studying together.
    I admired you for who you are, your warmhearted character, your open mind and
    for the way you expressed your dreams you were going to realize in Sierra Leone.
    You are one of a kind! Probably I will never meet a person like you again!
    My deepest thoughts and condolences go to your family and loved ones.
    I wish them all the strength and support they need.
    And also to the CapaCare organization.
    You will be missed and you will always be in our hearts!

    With love, we’ll meet again,

  159. WIlliam Kramer en Patricia Schothorst

    “Tears in heaven and on earth”
    Dear Wouter, You have made the journey to Sierra Leone with enthusiasm. More than 7000 kilometers in your old Saab, with Lars Brouwers, one of your best friends, and with a state-of-the-art 3 D printer in the boot. Overcoming all the setbacks you came along with a happy smile. The goal was to achieve your great doctor’s ambition: help sick people at Masanga Hospital, create a strong, respectful community, educate health professionals carefully and together implement an innovation of Medicine: manufacturing prostheses through 3D printing. Your warm appearance, your knowledge of and your genuine interest in the sick and in the healthy people quickly made you very popular in and around the Masanga hospital. Only 32 years of age and already meant and passed on so much to so many people worldwide. Very exceptional. Great!
    Unfortunately …..Nature makes no distinction. But so unreal and sad that you passed away due to a rare disease after trying to save the life of one of your patients.
    And now after everything you’ve suffered … Now you will say with your warm smile, full of enthusiasm from heaven : “Capacare, it was beautiful in the Masanga hospital. We’re moving on together. I hope, because I was there, I encourage new doctors to commit to the health care of the Sierra Leone people .”
    We wish family and friends of Wouter all the strength in this time of deep grief.
    Patricia Schothorst William Kramer

  160. Op een mooi leven waar de wereld weer een stukje beter van is geworden. Heel veel sterkte voor je familie en vrienden met dit onbeschrijfelijke verlies.

  161. Lieve Wouter,
    Helaas heb ik jou niet kunnen ontmoeten in dit leven. Maar ik heb wel prachtige ‘beelden’ van jou, een foto: slapend met hondje Aapje in jouw armen ( net gesteriliseerd door jullie chirurgisch team) en zo’n blije foto van jou samen met Sanne na dat jullie een bevalling hebben begeleid van een mooie tweeling
    die met de namen: Sanne en Wouter…Die glimlach op jouw gezicht houd ik vast.
    Rust zacht lieve Wouter

  162. Wouter,

    You were one of those ‘senior’ global health doctors that I looked up to on my first Saturday training days. One year ahead of me, you seemed to always be asking the right questions and I wondered if I could be just a bit like you a year later.. just as eager and just as smart. We worked together later on, organising the TCD and the ‘Into the World’ event. Our family of global health doctors became closer and closer over weekends, drinks and ECTMIH.

    And then you left in your Saab to Sierra Leone. We laughed at you.. that car was never going to make it past the ‘route du soleil’, but you ensured us it would. It was the ‘family car’ after all, and for sure it would cope. We didn’t meet in person after that anymore. But the stories of what you did in Sierra Leone echoed on to the Netherlands and later Ethiopia.

    You did so well. You worked so hard. How unfair that you cannot continue your brilliant efforts.

    Dear Wouter, you, your wit, your collegiality, your contagious optimism and your perseverance will be missed.

    It was an honour working with you. You are an inspiration. We will keep up the good work.

  163. Lieve Wouter,
    Wat een verschrikkelijk en niet te bevatten bericht afgelopen week op onze ‘Bakra’s back home’ app. De verslagenheid is groot. Ik herinner mij nog goed hoe jij Mieke en mij ontving op de Fred in Nieuw-Nickerie en ons wegwijs maakte in Su. Vol enthousiasme, bevlogen, met een grote glimlach op je gezicht. Bijzonder mooi om te lezen wat jij daarna allemaal in Sierra Leone gedaan hebt en zo ontzettend oneerlijk dat jouw leven zo vroeg gestopt is. Ik wens iedereen die jou lief heeft heel veel sterkte met dit enorme verlies.

  164. “Tears in heaven and on earth”

    Dear Wouter, You have made the journey to Sierra Leone with enthusiasm. More than 7000 kilometers in your old Saab, with Lars Brouwers, one of your best friends, and with a state-of-the-art 3 D printer in the boot. Overcoming all the setbacks you came along with a happy smile. The goal was to achieve your great doctor’s ambition: help sick people at Masanga Hospital, create a strong, respectful community, educate health professionals carefully and together implement an innovation of Medicine: manufacturing prostheses through 3D printing. Your warm appearance, your knowledge of and your genuine interest in the sick and in the healthy people quickly made you very popular in and around the Masanga hospital.
    Only 32 years of age and already meant and passed on so much to so many people worldwide. Very exceptional. Great!

    Unfortunately …..Nature makes no distinction. But so unreal and sad that you passed away due to a rare disease after trying to save the life of one of your patients.

    And now after everything you’ve suffered … Now you will say with your warm smile, full of enthusiasm from heaven : “Capacare, it was beautiful in the Masanga hospital. We’re moving on together. I hope, because I was there, I encourage new doctors to commit to the health care of the Sierra Leone people .”

    We wish family and friends of Wouter all the strength in this time of deep grief.

    Patricia Schothorst William Kramer

  165. Lieve Wouter

    Een paar jaar geleden werkte je bij ons in het Amphia afdeling longgeneeskunde. Ik heb je leren kennen als een aimabele dokter, brede lach, gedreven voor de patiënten. Op de stoel gaan zitten naast je patient, niet blijven staan boven de patient. Het buitenland was echt je passie, dat hoorde ik tussen de artsenvisites door wel. Een bevlogen maar zeer bescheiden persoonlijkheid. Wouter hoe kan dit nou allemaal? Fantastisch om te lezen dat ze in SL je goede werk voortzetten. Zo blijf je dan toch wat voortleven. Het is gewoon niet te bevatten. Op deze aarde doofde een lichtje,… Hopelijk om elders een prachtig schijnsel te werpen, met een helderheid en warmte dat zijn weerga niet kent. Prachtig mens was je Wouter, zie alle lovende woorden. Lieve familie en vriendin, jullie kunnen met recht trots zijn op Wouter. Dat jullie de kracht mogen vinden om dit verlies te dragen.

  166. Peggy van der Lans

    Wouter is een voorbeeld voor ons allen.
    Rust zacht.

  167. Aafke Asselbergs-Koning

    Dear Wouter, no words….. I enjoyed teaching you and am amazed to hear about the great teacher you became within a very short time after. Your time here has not gone by, you have made it exemplary! My heart goes out to all your loved ons.

  168. Lieve Wouter,
    Deze week kwam ik foto’s tegen van een van de typische borrels tijdens de studie in Maastricht. Gekke bekken aan het trekken voor de camera… en dan een paar jaar later ben je er niet meer. Het voelt onwerkelijk.
    Maar wat heb jij die jaren laten tellen. De manier waarop je spreekt over je werk in Sierra Leone is meer dan inspirerend. Het laat zien dat het een groot gemis is dat de wereld je nu moet missen.
    Heel veel sterkte aan je familie in deze onbegrijpelijke, zware tijden.

    Liefs, JM

  169. Martine Sherpa Kok

    Wij leerden Wouter & Nicoline kennen in ons Guesthouse in Kathmandu waar hij betrokken raakte bij de werkzaamheden van Pema Lama, later “Shicha”.

    Wij wensen de familie en vrienden van Wouter enorm veel strekte toe, wat heeft hij ontzettend veel mooi werk verricht!

    Lobsang, Martine & Pema van The Valley Guesthouse, Boudha, KTM

  170. Dear Wouter, How could I have foreseen you had to give up your life so soon. I met you at my home in The Hague last year teaching you the Helping Babies Breathe course organized by Section International Child Health. Although you were a surgeon you were interested in all facets of tropical medicine and teaching. You stood out because of your enthusiasm, your participation and your passion for working in Masanga you already shared with us. It was clear you were going to perform great things over there. I guessed your future would be of great importance. The places where you were going to work would benefit very much from your presence and your many qualities. And above all, you were such a kind and open person. I was in the middle of teaching HBB in wonderfull Tanzania, enjoying Africa and all what comes with it just as you must have done while teaching, when I heard the terrible news about your illness. I was so shocked, my thoughts were with you and your family. Soo sad to hear about your death a few days later. Africa is a monster in beautiful disguise sometimes. Be aware that you helped it to make it a better place, that your efforts and memory will live forth in the people of not only Sierra Leone. I will come and say goodbye to you this afternoon and weep.

  171. Wij gedenken hem….. een dapper gepassioneerd levenslustig strijder die omkwam op het slagveld voor de nobele taak die hem dreef. Hij wordt node gemist.

  172. Philip L. S KANNEH - STP 2019

    Today is a sad day for us here in Masanga and Sierra Leone paying our last respect at the SDA church in Masanga to the late Dr. Wouter W.E Nolet who died on the 23 November 2019 of a dreadful disease. Knowing you for about two months ago was not a mistake. You were not only the capacare STP coordinator but you were also a mentor, a friend and a contributor to healthcare workforce in Sierra Leone. You will forever be remembered in the history of the STP program and the Masanga family. Your efforts in contributing to training of surgeons in Sierra Leone will not go in vain. May the Almighty God grant you eternal rest.

  173. Lieve Wouter,

    Het kwam als een schok en is nog steeds niet te bevatten. Jij, zo jong en bevlogen in je vak. Heel veel sterkte voor je familie en je vele vrienden/collega’s

  174. Ontzettend verdrietig en onwerkelijk dat dit gebeurd is. Rust zacht lieve Wouter, en heel veel sterkte voor alle familie en vrienden, over de hele wereld.

  175. Je wees me de weg in Sierra Leone, toonde me de kneepjes van het socializen in Afrika en was een voorbeeld, als arts en persoon. Ook al kenden wij elkaar maar kort, ik zal je missen en je niet vergeten.

    Rust zacht

  176. I am still shocked after hearing the news of Wouter passing away few days back. I met him briefly while I was training the Surgical Officers in Masanga in a programme he worked hard to organise. The brief time I spent with Wouter there, I was most impressed on this young doctor’s dedication, vision and empathy for helping improve surgical / maternity care in Sierra Leone. He will be badly missed, but hopefully the example he had set in his brief life will inspire generations in all parts of the world. My sincere condolences to his family and close friends.

  177. Wouter was a true gentleman and one of the most inspiring people I have had the privilege to know and work with. You will be sadly missed Wouter, but the legacy of your work will live on. Rest in Peace knowing that you have alleviated the suffering of so many people. Good bye my friend.

  178. Lieve Wouter.

    Wat ben ik onder de indruk van dit vreselijke bericht. Het is al lang geleden dat ik je voor het laatst zag. Desondanks staat het me nog zo helder voor de geest hoe je me je laatste dienst in het Amphia opzocht, speciaal om afscheid te nemen.
    Je lachende gezicht en je enthousiasme.
    Ik wenste je mooie ervaringen en veel avonturen toe.

    Op foto’s zie ik nog steeds dat oprecht mooie mens dat je bent.
    Wouter, wat fijn dat ik je ooit heb mogen leren kennen.
    Het ga je goed.
    Liefs vanuit m’n hart.

  179. International Safe Motherhood and Reproductive Health (nl)

    Dear Wouter,
    On behalf of the board I would like to thank you for all your passionate work regarding safe motherhood in Sierra Leone. You are our representative and a huge example. We are very sad that you had to pay this price. Personally, I have met you several times and your constant energy and unbiased approach towards everyone taught me a lot. And I am not the only one as I heard today. Wishing your family and girlfriend to have great strength and sending my love to them.

    Eveline Melman

  180. Wouter, het bericht van je overlijden heeft me diep geraakt. We kennen elkaar niet maar delen dezelfde ervaring; tropenarts zijn in Masanga. Ik weet zeker dat je alles hebt gegeven voor een grote noodzaak, chirurgie op de kaart zetten in Sierra Leone. Je hebt hiervoor een ongelofelijke hoge prijs moeten betalen. Weet dat je daden in Masanga voortleven in hun harten en handen.

  181. Wouter, mooie vent. Dit nieuws kwam hard binnen, ongewenst maar toch is het zo. Tijdens mijn student-verpleegkunde tijd in het amphia ziekenhuis, had ik het geluk met jou te mogen samenwerken. Je hebt me geïnspireerd met jou onuitputbare positieve energie, altijd lachen, altijd professioneel, altijd tijd voor en interesse in iedereen die op jouw pad kwam. Ook al was je weer eens aan het overwerken, je nam gewoon de tijd om nog even wat uit te leggen. We zouden elkaar misschien eens ontmoeten in Afrika om een avontuur te beleven. Ik ging met het vliegtuig, jij met een maat en een oude auto :-). Een paar jaar later was dit overlijdensbericht het volgende nieuws wat ik van je hoorde. Onvoorstelbaar, oneerlijk maar waar. Ik zal aan je denken kerel en ook aan je familie en naasten die het dichtst bij je staan. Waar je nu ook mag zijn, het gaat je goed. Liefs

  182. Lieve Wouter,
    We hebben een aantal jaren samengewerkt voor het Rode Kruis Haaksbergen. Onze laatste dienst was bij de Golden Earring. We hadden het vaak over je opleiding als tropenarts. Ons laatste contact was onlangs via de app.
    Ik ben enorm geschrokken van je overlijden. Te jong en daarnaast een enorm gemis voor je familie, vrienden en de gezondheidszorg. Gedreven en geliefd, zo blijf je in mijn herinnering.
    Liefs Elly

  183. Wouter,
    Moge de Adonai jouw Familie en je vele geliefden en collega’s de kracht geven om dit ongelofelijke verlies te dragen.
    Wij buigen het hoofd en zeggen Kaddish voor een groot man die door velen gemist zal worden hier en vooral in Siërra Leone.
    Wouter, shalom lehitraot.
    Hanna, Benjamin en Jonathan

  184. Leeds Global Surgery Group

    On behalf of the whole Leeds NIHT Global Surgery Group, we wish to convey our deepest sorry at this tragic loss. It takes a special kind of person to do the work that Wouter was undertaking at Masanga. He has left a lasting legacy and will be hugely missed. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

  185. Maja Kjer Nielsen

    Dear Wouter!
    Is only about a month since I left Masanga and we joked that I might get lost in Freetown. And only 3 weeks since we celebrated that I didn’t through a conversation on WhatsApp. It is unbelievable that you aren’t here anymore! THANKS for your kindness and generosity. THANKS for all your hard work in Masanga and Sierra Leone. THANKS for the way you took care of us CapaCare trainers.
    Rest in peace!
    My deepest condolences to your family and loved ones.
    Dr. Maja

  186. David en Ilse Naves

    Beste Wouter,

    De momenten dat we elkaar spraken, vooral tijdens bijeenkomsten voor Sichya, heb je grote indruk op ons gemaakt. Jouw passie voor je vak en enorme inzet om kwetsbare mensen te helpen onder moeilijke omstandigheden is bijzonder en inspirerend. Niet alleen voor mensen in Sierra Leone maar ook in Nepal via SIchya. Dat je daarnaast steeds geïnteresseerd kon blijven in andere mensen en hun leven, en dat jouw glimlach nog steeds je hele gezicht kon laten stralen, ondanks alles wat je dagelijks meemaakte, maakte op ons elke keer weer indruk.

    Wij zullen je missen en we realiseren ons dat velen in Siera Leone die medische zorg nodig hebben jou nog veel meer zullen missen.
    We zijn dankbaar dat we je hebben ontmoet. Voor ons ben je een inspirerend voorbeeld van een fantastisch mens die we ons hele leven zullen blijven herinneren.

    We leven mee met je ouders, je zussen, je vriendin en alle andere vrienden die altijd dichtbij je stonden. We hopen hen in de toekomst vaker te zien om de herinnering aan jou levend te houden.

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