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    • What Sierra Leone was lacking...
      Skrevet av Emmanuel Sahr Musa Tamba, CHO 13.12.2015
      If anybody ever asked me why I chose a medical profession, and to enter Capacare´s surgical training program, I will answer simply “to save lives”. Working and training at Masanga hospital, I was recently reminded of what this means, and why I was motivated to choose surgery. I was treating a pregnant woman in her […]
    • "My first day, my first bite"
      Skrevet av Abdul Rahman Kargbo 13.11.2015
      What we now is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean. Therefore knowing is not enough, we must apply, willing is not enough we must do. As i am in the surgical training program (STP) with all my will to know, and learn how to do. It is always an amazing thing to […]
    • The indirect effects of Ebola to the health system in Sierra Leone
      Download Pdf-version here: ECTMH Poster – 25.08.15
    • STP-student Hassan P. Vandy resumed training in March 2015 and now shares his experiences
      Skrevet av Hassan Pius Vandy 20.08.2015
      I am Hassan Pius Vandy a surgical training student under CapaCare, a medical organization, training CHOs and Medical officers who can help to reduce problems that can be prevented during pregnancy and childbirth. I joined this training in November 2013 at the training Headquarters in Masanga Hospital in the Northern part of Sierra Leone. My […]
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