Mari Fjørtoft Ystgaard

When did you stay at Masanga?

What was your motivation for going to Masanga?
I had heard a lot about the project from my father, Brynjulf Ystgaard, and I was eager to go there myself to gain experience, and of course to contribute to the STP program.

What was your first meeting with Masanga like?
There was a lot of new impressions, as I have never been to a hospital outside Norway and the UK. The people were very warm and welcoming, and there were a lot of interesting cases.

What was your main duties while at the hospital?
My main duty was to teach the STP students in basic sciences, mainly anatomy and physiology.

What have you learned from this experience?
I learned a lot in the medical aspect by participating in the clinic. The STP students were extremely motivated and working with them was very rewarding.  Also, I learned how to insert a central line on a pig…

What is your advice to others that are thinking about going to Sierra Leone and Masanga?
If you feel like you want to contribute not only by treating patients, but to increase knowledge and competence by being a teacher, the STP project provides an excellent opportunity in doing so. Being fairly inexperienced myself I worried that my competence level was to low in order to make a proper contribution, but there is definitely a need for teachers in all levels of medical competence in Masanga.