Jorunn Korsvik

When did you stay at Masanga?
From 05.05.2013 to 30.05.2013.

What was your motivation for going to Masanga?
To share some of the knowledge one has after 30 years of working in an OR setting to the STP-students and the hospital staff.

What was your first meeting with Masanga like?
I met very friendly people who were easy to work with.

What was your main duties while at the hospital?
To teach the STP-students within my area of competency. Help improve conditions within the OR. Participate in emergency cases and operations.

What have you learned from this experience?
Working in a poor country reminds you every day of the hard life and sufferings people have there.

There is improvement to see from my last stay in Sierra Leone 12 years ago. More children are going to school now, peace has stabilized the country, but jobs are hard to find for people.

What is your advice to others that are thinking about going to Sierra Leone and Masanga?
That your stay at Masanga Hospital will be rewarding if one can participate in a program that will benefit the people in the future.