Closing date 01.01.2017

Annually CapaCare recruits 14 CHOs or Medical Doctors (M.D) for a surgical training program at Masanga Hospital, Tonkolili District.

What we offer:

  • A post-graduate training in surgery and Ob/gynaecology lasting two years.
  • The candidates will be exposed to rotating teams of international surgeons across several training entities throughout Sierra Leone; CHOs acquiring basic skills in lifesaving surgery, MDs also acquiring skills in advanced surgery.
  • The candidates are expected to take part in all relevant daily work of the assigned training entity as part of the on-the job training (In- and out-patient, ward rounds, on-calls, OT theatre, and teaching of lower health cadres form part of the job description).
  • Initial 6 -9 months at Masanga Hospital, in an international and stimulating environment.
  • Free housing at Masanga Hospital, housing allowance when not at Masanga Hospital Complex.
  • 1-month annual paid leave; leave-allowance is 10 % of monthly salary.
  • Medical Doctor salary according to national regulations
  • For further information on the STP see

Minimum requirements:

Completed CHO education and 2 years working experience/medical degree
Interested and motivated to learn surgery and to practice in a District Hospital