Solomon S. Samura

Age: 27 years


Solomon was born in Konta village Thonko Limba Chiefdom, Kambia District Northern Provinces Sierra Leone West Africa. He is Limba by tribe and speaks Limba Krio and English.

This young man is from an extended family with his close family of 9 brothers and 4 sisters. Solomon is the 8th child in his family where in his biological dad was having 4 wives.  The unfortunate part of this family is that Solomon being the 8th child in the family is the highly educated one in the family with a Higher National Diploma in Community Health as a Community Health Officer (CHO) and presently doing a surgical training course. STPs Solomon lost his biological dad at the age of 18 years and his biological mum now an old woman with high blood pressure leaving in the village at the Northern part of Sierra Leone.

He is from a Muslim family but Solomon is now a Christian by religion because he was adopted by his cousin who is a Christian at the age of 7 years. His adopted parents took care of him both on his schooling and basic life necessity. Solomon attended many schools because his adopted dad was moving from one place to another seeking employment. But when Solomon got his University requirement, his adopted parent was not too strong to support his college needs. So he applies for a scholarship at the Wesleyan Mission in Sierra Leone which was an American mission. This his adopted dad was also the only outstanding person in the family both financially and educationally taking care of the entire family hood both mother, father, aunt, uncle, cosine, nephew, children, brothers, sisters you name the extended family in Africa.

STPs Solomon entered the School of Community Health Sciences at the Njala University of Sierra Leone at 2007. He graduated at 2010 with a higher National Diploma as a Community Health Officer (CHO) equivalent to physician assistance. He returns back at the Kamakwie Wesleyan Hospital Mission as an agreement from the sponsor that he should serve them for 3 years at the hospital as payment for the support. With Solomon’s 3  years’ service at Kamakwie, he was trained as a facilitator at the Life Saving Skills (LSS) program on emergence obstetric and new born care which is a program from Liverpool School of tropical Medicine in UK in collaboration with Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone. STPs Solomon facilitated many courses for them with some surveys and monitoring & supervisions. He also serves as a Coordinator at the malnutrition project at Kamakwie Wesleyan Hospital. Solomon applied for the STP in 2011 but was not shortlisted because of less working experience and then he applied again in 2013 but was still put on waiting list. Finally and fortunately as God could make it, in 2013 July 1st he became an STP student. STPs Solomon serves 6 months at the Masanga Surgical Training Hospital and on the 1st of January2014 was posted at the Makeni Holy Spirit Hospital for practical. Solomon is presently at Holy Spirit Hospital Makeni, Bombali District Northern Provinces Sierra Leone West Africa.



  • Solomon was having the intention to become a surgeon since school days and so he made use of the opportunity.
  • Because of the limited number of surgeon in Sierra Leone and the need of them in Sierra Leone, he grabs this chance to become a surgeon to help support the health services in Sierra Leone.
  • Solomon also thought that this is one of the most important emergency skills in the medical field that will help save life in a community that needs urgent intervention.
  • Also Solomon want to part take in achieving Capacare gold in the reduction of maternal dead in Sierra Leone and the world as a whole.
  • To help increase the number of skilled health staff at the district hospital in Sierra Leone in other to perform lifesaving surgical and obstetrical procedures as this is really needed at the rural Hospitals.
  • From what he find out that was going on in the course, he thought it fit that with the outstanding Knowledgeable skilled personnel that are coming in this program, if he is in this program, he can gain a lot of knowledge and skills both clinically and surgically to build up his medical status.


  •  STPs Solomon wants after the training to be available to the people of Sierra Leone in service as agreed by the STPs body in regards and respect of Capacare plans.
  • Also plan to grabs whatever opportunity that will come his way to build up his clinical and more especially his surgical knowledge and skills in terms of further studies for the health delivery service of this country.

As far as STPs Solomon has been in this program, he has not regret been part of this program because he has gain a lot and also thought that he has a lot to gain from Capacare.

God bless the Capacare board and the team as a whole for you good initiatives and hard work. May God continue to bless, guard, project and bless you financially to achieve your gold in this program.