Alpha Mohamed Samura

What is your background?
I am a native born in Wara Wara Bafodia Chiefdom, Mandia Village, Koinadugu District. I am a post graduate from Njala University, School of Community Health and Clinical Sciences as a Community Health Officer (CHO).

My entire family are farmers and i am the only person who can read and write in the family.

Why did you want to enter the program?
Since i was a child, i plane to read medicine because my father died of septicaemia and some other died of surgical conditions. He was having boils on his head and there was no medical person in the entered village that can assist us saving lives. So i enter this program to save life, “to reach the unreached and help the helpless” that is the local people who cannot afford to pay their medical fees.

What is a normal day like for you at the hospital?
My normal day like in the hospital is when  i save life

What do you like most about the program?
The most things i like about the program is to save life and the donors and tutus are encouraging us to learn more how to manage an emergency cases.

What will you do after you finish the program?
My planes after the program are to go back save life “to help the helpless and reach to the unreached” that is to go to the community and help them to promote and improved their health status.