Lawrance Teteh Kargbo

Age: 28 years

What is your background?
I was born in Koinodugu district Kabala. My father and mother are both alive, they live in a small village in Koinodugu district, about 3 km away from Kabala town. I have three sisters and two brothers, all alive. I am the oldest. I sat to BECE in 2001-2002 school year in Kabala and later moved to Bo to continue my education, where I also sat to WASSCE in 2006. I then continue my education in the Njala University and obtained higher diploma in community health and clinical studies for three years (2008-2011). I was adopted by two different families one in Kabala and the other family in Bo. Both families were concerned for my education.

Why did you want to enter the program?
–       To gain more experience that will enable me to attend to emergency cases and to serve poorer people and save life, thereby working towards the objectives of primary health care and to help promote health delivery services in the country and the world as a whole.

–       When I was in my district, I always felt sad when people talk about maternal death which should have being solved by surgical intervention or skills or maneuver. I therefore want to overt these problems or reduce them in Sierra Leone. This is another strong reason that prompt me to enter the program.

What is a normal day like for you in the hospital?
As an academic, all the days are normal, hence my objective is to serve poorer people and save life and work towards the objectives of primary health care service delivery.

What do you like most about the program?
–       Exposure to surgical intervention in Masanga as a start
–       The coming and teaching of external lecturers with enough experience
–       Posting from on hospital to another, which enables us to learn different skills from different doctors
–       Ward rounds and the on call system, which also help us to learn new things from doctors and each other (colleagues)
–       Equal attention given to us by the doctors in Masanga

What will you do after you finish the program?
I will work to the policy set aside by CapaCare and the Government of Sierra Leone. And always ready to serve my people in the best possible way, to reduce the mortality and morbidity rate in the country and the world as a whole.