Joseph M. Bassie

What is your background? 
My name is Joseph Magona Bassie, born in the year 18  December 1979.
I am one month one week old in the Surgical Training Program at Masanga Hospital in Sierra Leone.
I am from BO the Southern Province in Sierra Leone. I am qualified in the following fields of study: CHO, SECHN ,RH-HIV/AIDS Counselling. I am also a Captain in the Republic of S/Leone Armed Forces.

Why did you want to enter the program?
I entered the STP to help reduce maternal mortality rate in S/Leone.

What is a normal day like for you at the hospital?
Normal day for me in the hospital is Friday.

What do you like most about the program?
The program can make me very polyvalent having a diversity of medical knowledge. It is like a Medico_ Surgical Course.

What will you do after you finish the program?
I would like to put theory into practice, making effective use of the knowledge and skills so acquired from the STP. Thank you sir.