Ibrahim M Sesay

Born: 6th,May 1987.
Been in the program since: 1st April,2015.

What is your background?
I haile from the northern part of Sierra Leone and a Themne by tribe.

Previous work experience:
*1993-1999 Eastend Municipal Primary School Freetown from Class I-IV
*2000-2003 Albert Academy Secondary school Freetown from J.S.S I-III
*2003-2006 Saint Francis Secondary School Makeni from S.S.S I-III
*2011-2012 Graduated from the School of Community Health &Clinical Sciences,Njala University as a Community Health Officer(C.H.O).
*2012-2014 Worked at the City Garden(ABD’s)Hospital Makeni as a Clinical Officer in charge.
*2014-2015 Worked at the World Hope International(W.H.I) Makeni as a Clinical Supervisor & Infection Prevention Control(I.P.C) focal person for the ebola community care centers around Bombali district northern Sierra leone.
surgical conditions due to lack of trained surgical personnel.

What is a normal day like for you at the hospital?
Tuesdays & Thursdays are quite normal days for me at masanga.This are days we are mostly expose to surgeries and put into practice the basic surgical techniques.

What do you like most about the program?
The practical sessions including basic surgical techniques along side the trained and qualified tutors,above all,the structure of the program.

What will you do after you finish the program?
As a true sierra leonean ,I’m ready and willing to serve my beloved country through the support of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation after completion of my programme.