Augusta Fasia Palmer

Born: 25/08/1977
Been in the program since: 1st April 2015

What is your background?
Higher Dilpoma in community health and clinical studies.
2003-2004 Lassa fever Outreach officer – Medical Emergency Relief International- Merlin- Kenema Office.
2005-2006 Field OfficerHygiene Promotion- International Committee of Red Cross- Kenema sub office
2007_2010 Community health officer (CHO) 2012-March 2015 MOHS as CHO Deputy Head of Department Dental department Bo Government Hospital
2011- 2012 Work with action contre la faim as medical assistance
2012-May 2012 Work MSF-Belgium as cho incharge of the staff clinic in freetown.

Why did you want to enter the program?
My primary focus is to serve humanity as people are really dying of surgical problems in our rural setting. That really motivated me to enter this program seeing the need to help my people dying of surgical problem that are not suppose to because of little or no surgical personnel. To help my people in the rural community with surgical problem when i shall have finished.

What is a normal day like for you at the hospital?
Monday, wednesday and friday are bit normal day with ward round while tuesday and thursday are busy as it is a surgical operating day.

What do you like most about the program?
One thing i like most is the organisational is well organised that it encourages me to learn and grow more interest in surgery. Teaching methodology and exposing us to do live practical within a short possible time.

What will you do after you finish the program?
After completion i will like to work with the ministry of health and sanitation in any district hospital to capacitate the surgical unit and I vow to serve humanity at all times