Amara Conteh

Conteh Amara is my name a sierra Leonean and a native born of makeni town Bombali district sebora chiefdom north of Sierra Leone. I was born in June 13, 1982. I came from a poor family background in which feeding and schooling was a big problem .my parents came from punjehun district south of Sierra Leone. I have four brothers and one sister. My father was working at the Gola raining forest/RSPB in which he was transfer at makeni town to work where I was given birth to.

I started schooling at the age of nine years. I attended the Saint Charles lwanga primary school from 1991 to 1996 and attained my national primary school examination. In 1996 I started my secondary school education in holy trinity secondary school kenema and attained my basic education certificate examination and my West Africa senior secondary school certificate examination in 2001 and 2004 respectively. In 2006/2007 I gain admission in the school of community health and clinical sciences Njala University Sierra Leone. I gained the Sierra Leone grating aide (SLG) for the three years when in training. I graduated in 2009 with a distinction and one of the best students in class. My first job offered to me was in masanga hospital in 2009. I work there for one year eight months. In 2011 I applied for surgical training program and I was lucky to be the first student to be initiated in the program.

My main reasons why I applied for the program is, sierra Leone as we all know has faced various crisis in terms of good medical care especially for the pregnant women, the under fives and the acute surgical cases after the ten years rebel war. Our people are dying unnecessarily in which they are not supposed to, due to poor medical facilities and unavailability of trained personnel’s to reach the interior especially surgeon. You cannot imagine with a population of above six million, only five surgeons are available in the country as a whole, how can five people serve a nation effectively? That is the big question at hand. Not because we don’t have more surgeons trained in the country. Every year the school of community and allied health sciences (COMAHS) are producing more medical doctors and surgeons but they all look for greener pastures outside the country. So with that the country needs to train the middle man powers that are willing to stay in the country to serve our people down to the interior. Also out of the fifty three African countries Sierra Leone as been classed as the worst country to die according to the British Broadcasting co-operation. What a sad and dishearten new.

I am pleading for been the first candidate enrolled in the surgical training program in masanga hospital to our country and international donors to support this project to gain it higher achievement to trained more community health officers and medical doctors to perform surgery. As an adage say “A nice and skillful cut saves a lot of life” this we help to reduced the morbidity and mortality rate of both the pregnant women, under fives and the acute surgical cases which are dying unnecessarily in the interior because of lack of surgeons in our country.