Amadu Jawara

My name is Amadu Jawara, born in 1964 in a small town called Musaia, in Koimadugu district Northern Province, Sierra leone, West Africa. I am a Yalunka by tribe. I am black in complexion, 159cm tall, my weight is 78kg. I am married with five children. My father died in 1984 so I was obliged to obtain job with the ministry of Health and Sanitation as a Temporary clerical assistance (T C A.(  in order to care for myself, my mother and my two sisters.

I attained my primary education in the Roman Catholic primary school, Musaia from 1972 to 1978; I proceeded to Freetown to continue my secondary education at the Saint Helena Secondary school from 1978 to1984 when I sat to the General Certificate of Education.

While awaiting my GCE result, I was employed by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation in November 1984 as a T C A  and posted to Kabala Government Hospital; I was later transferred to Koidu government Hospital from 1986 to 1992, until when I was displaced by the war and had to migrate to Freetown and attached to Cannought hospital.

In 1996                   I was enrolled at the National School of Nursing to pursue State Enrolled Community Health Nursing, I completed in 1998 and I was attached to the Operating theatre, Cannought until 2000.

In 2001 I entered Paramedical School to pursue Community Health Officer training and completed in 2005.I was posted to Mile 91 Community Health Centre in Tonkolili District as an Incharge.

In 2008 to 2009 I did my post graduate studies at the Njala University at the faculty of clinical health sciences and I was awarded Higher Diploma in Community Health.

I did a lot of in-service training and I was awarded the following certificates, Pediatric HIV care, Integrated Management of neonate and child care, Basic surgery, Insertion and removal of IUD and implant, Family Planning.

I held positions of trust such as, President National School of Nursing 1996 to 1998; In 2009 I was appointed Chairman Board of Governors for SLMB senior secondary school, Mille 91, by the Ministry of Education, with a population of 1500 pupils, 35 paid teachers and 10 community teachers. I was in charge of the school fund and signature to school account. A position I held for two years, I was made Principal Relation officer, police partnership board in mile 91. Presently I am the acting chairman for the young STP student union.

All situations in hospital work are considered normal, however routine work start with ward rounds, consultation for new patients, surgery as planned and  emergencies are attended to as they come.

I like everything about the program. The manner the training is structured, the support and attention giving to students, the exposure and the quality lectures we receive.

I entered STP training in January 2012, at the Masanga Hospital, in Tonkolili District. I applied for this training in order to help alleviate the suffering and save the lives of my people especially pregnant women who die from complications due to lack of trained personnel and early intervention.

After  completion of my training I would like to work for my people under the ministry of health and sanitation.