Alieu Fayulu Mansaray

My name is Alieu  Fayulu Mansaray, age 36 years, born in 1976 in a town call Yiffin, the headquarter of Nieni Chiefdom, Koinadugu District Northern Sierra Leone. I am a Sierra Leonean Kurankor by tribe, Muslim by religion, black in completion and five feet five inches tall. I am married to a wife with two children, four brothers, three sisters and my mother. My father is already dead since 1994.

I did my primary school education in Yiffin and my secondary school education in Makeni. I did my Nursing education at Forces Nurses Training School, 34 Military Hospital, Wilberforce Freetown. I was awarded certificate for State Enrolled Community Health Nursing (SECHN).From 2005 to 2008 I did community Health Studies at School of Community Health Sciences Njala University, Bo campus. I was awarded a Higher Diploma in Community Health and Clinical Studies as a Community Health Officer. After graduation, I worked at Kabala Government for few months and then I was posted at Yiffin Community   Health Centre, one of the Basic Emergency Obstetric Care(BeMOC)unit. For the past four years I was working in that centre. During this working period I did in-service-trainings and the following certificates were awarded:

Certificate for Basic Emergency Obstetrics and Newborn care; Integrated Management of Newborn and Child hood Illnesses; Community Case Management of Childhood Illnesses; Implant and Intra Uterine   Device Insertion and Removal; Family planning & Safe Motherhood; Basic Eye Care and Certificate for Life Saving Skills.

I started the Surgical Training Program on the 1st October, 2012, at Masanga Hospital Tonkolili District, Northern Sierra Leone. I want to enter this program because,if I am trained and qualified I will be able to perform most of the surgical and obstetrical life saving procedures in areas where services of consultants are scarce. This will help to reduce the mortality rate in Sierra Leone.

For me, the normal day in the hospital is like in the morning I will attend the morning meeting, after which to do rounds in the ward followed by doing planned surgeries. However, emergency preparedness is always in place for emergency conditions and they are attended to as they arrive.

What I like most about the program is that, the program is always doing its best to make this training program a success by providing for the students a very good learning environment, all the learning materials, well talented tutors and supervisors who are always ready to teach and expose STP students to surgical and obstetrical procedures so as to safe thousands of lives in the future in Sierra Leone.

After my training I will like to work for Ministry of Health and Sanitation in one of the District Hospitals in Sierra Leone. However I will be thankful to Capa Care and all parties that made this training a success   for me.