Samuel Mathew Sankoh


Hi, I am Samuel Mathew Sankoh a Sierra Leonean presently residing in Masanga town in the Tonkolili District, Northern Sierra Leonean.

The coordinator of Surgical Training Programme currently going on in Masanga town. It is a programme that is there to train medical Officers and Community Health Officers in performing basic life saving surgery and Obstetric emergencies in Sierra Leone.

My interest came about in the position when I was in the maternity ward one day to supply drugs. A pregnant woman was brought to the hospital in a state of shock and bleeding profusely. One of the STP students came to her rescue in my presence before informing the Doctors. This patient was given the necessary attention by the student and later taken to the theatre for emergency caesarean section. The operation was successful in which both the mother and the baby were rescued. This has been one of the major issues in our country as pregnant women have been dying because of poor health facilities interms of late surgical intervention. But there has now been a task shifting to the CHOs in the country being that they are always willing to work in the peripheries as this may help to combat the maternal mortality rate in our country. This student was chased later after everything has been put under control to actually know what must have been the cause of the bleeding. There I came to realise that it was PLACENTA PRAEVIA.

Community Development Studies was my area of study so anything concerning community will always be of much interest to me being that the programme is specifically designed for rural setting. The impression given to me by the STP student in handling the situation straight away made me have interest in the Coordinatorship position. Many thanks to the Capacare family for their tremendous effort in making this programme successful in our country. Not also forgetting the hard working Doctors in Masanga hospital including the partner hospitals as well.

The Capacare programme has grown so much that STP students are now performing basic life saving surgery under supervision and this has been the dream of this programme. As the Coordinator of the programme, it is of great joy to me by seeing my students performing within Masanga and in our partner hospitals.