Professor Christopher B. Lynch visits Masanga

About a year ago, Alpha, one of our STP graduates, contacted Professor Christopher Balogun Lynch after a successful uterine tamponade procedure using a B-lynch suture. Alpha grew up in the same village in Sierra Leone as Professor B-Lynch. Perhaps one of the reasons why he received a message back with appreciation for his work. A mail conversation followed. Somewhere along the line the international coordinator of CapaCare was contacted. The professor showed interest to come to Masanga for classes in post partum hemorrhage and teaching the B-lynch suture. Too good to be true? Apparently not, preparations were made, plane tickets were bought and on the 19th of July the professor landed in Sierra Leone. After 50 years back in the country where he was born.

Over 40 STP students, STP graduates and medical doctors came to Masanga to attend the one day classes of the Professor. The goal for the students was to acquire a better knowledge about the background of post partum hemorrhage and to learn and practice the B-Lynch suture as an important tool in the management of PPH. Besides, to be able to meet and discuss with the famous Sierra Leonean professor was a great honor for the students.
In the morning, several videos where showed as introduction. The suture technique could be observed in the videos, but learning by doing proved to be the best way. Several hand made, uterine shaped models were brought and the professor demonstrated how the suture is to be applied on one of the models. The students started practicing with great enthusiasm and in very little time they mastered the life- and uterus saving skill. Because of the rapid progress that was booked there was spare time for teaching the transverse suture technique for bleeding after placenta previa. During the day the professor took his time for answering questions, discussion of specific cases, sharing experiences and getting to know the CapaCare surgical training program and its students and graduates. He seemed to be very impressed by the level of the participants and impact the program is making through the students on the surgical health care in Sierra Leone.
During this week Professor Lynch proved to be little effected by his respectable age and his recent back operation. With the same energy as was displayed in the classes during daytime, he attended the activities in the evenings. Highlight was the dinner party on Thursday with the students, graduates, the hospital and CapaCare management. In his speech the professor expressed his gratitude for the experience with the motivated students and the insight they provided him with concerning the needs of his country of birth.
At the end of the week Professor B-Lynch left Masanga to spend time with several important people in Sierra Leone, including the president, the vice president and the minister of health. As a supporter of CapaCare he will advocate for the cause of the surgical training program.
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